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Balli Sastram In Telugu

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The Balli Sastram In Telugu is one of the most important and necessary predictions. This is one thing that absolutely matters for a lot of people. One must understand that this is prediction of lizards falling on people. It can be divided into men and women and how lizards falling on them will have negative or positive effects.

The various effects of lizard falling on body parts:

On men:

Positive effects:

  • When the lizard falls on face:

When this happens then it is quite evident that the men will be freed from any financial if any. Therefore this will lead to freeing you from any monetary problems and will let you gain profits.

  • When it falls on your left eye:

This is exactly when it is an opportunity knocking at the doors. This is evidently calling of the good times of course.

  • When it falls on your left ear:

This is a clear indication of surge in income. This is of course something that all must be aware of.

  • When it falls on your lower lip:

This is most definitely going to help you in making you more efficient in making money. This helps you become much more proficient in life of course.

  • When it falls on your left shoulder blade:

This is exactly when your future will show you victories. This is absolutely what will help you in more than one possible ways of course.

  • When it falls on your feet:

This is when you get to travel the world. It is clearly an early sign to the same.

Negative Effects:

  • When it falls on top of your head:

This is disastrous. It is a time to be cautious. There are high chances that death will follow you from now.

  • When it falls on your right eye:

All your hard work will see a drain. Of course none of the hard work will bring good results for you.

  • When it falls on your forehead:

This is when you may start getting separated from others. Also you might interfere in others business without knowing it.

  • When it falls on your right cheek:

This is when you will have to deal with sadness.

  • When it falls on your upper lip:

This is when you may face a lot many troubles and fights with people.

  • When it falls on your both lips:

This is another indication of death and one must be aware of the same.

There are many other things that people may suffer from and one must be careful about the same. They can know more from the Balli Sastram In Telugu.

On Women:

Positive Effects:

  • When it falls on your left eye:

You will get immense of love from everybody you know. This is really a lucky event.

  • When it falls on your breast :

This is an indication of all the good things that are about to happen to you.

  • When it falls on your right ear

This is exactly when your earning potential will most definitely increase and will help you get more profits.

  • When it falls on your lower lip:

This is an indication of you getting an N number of new items.

  • When it falls on your right hand:

This is exactly where you will be introduced to a lot of profits.

  • When it falls on your fingers or shoulders:

This is when either you will get to buy a very new ornament or have high chances of being gifted one.

  • When it falls on your knee:

This is when you will develop new fans or followers.

Negative Effects:

  • When it falls on your head:

This is exactly when there is a fear of death.

  • When it falls on your tuft:

This is when you will have a fear of diseases.

  • When it falls on your right eye:

You will be accompanied by depressions and tensions.

  • When it falls on your upper lip:

You will face a major surge in enmity.

  • When it falls on your both lips:

This is exactly when you will be deep down in trouble and various problems nevertheless.

There are various other negatives as well. Also there are many positives for sure. With the help of the Balli Sastram In Telugu things will definitely get easier for you nevertheless.

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want to know the real meaning of  astrology

Astrology is quite potent and there aren’t any accidents. It is a very highly scientific field of study which requires a lot of logic in understanding it. As a concluding remark it’s important for all of us to realize that astrology isn’t magic, crystal ball reading or anything with some voodoo within it.  Moreover, astrology isn’t a quick study. It isn’t just about predicting behavior that is a big misconception.

Astrologers think that the positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets at the right time of someone’s birth have an immediate influence on such individual’s character. Competent astrologers can also forecast the various sorts of diseases a subject will probably suffer. A true astrologer will say about your planets. Today’s astrologers commonly utilize computers to figure astrological charts, but suitable chart interpretation can be accomplished solely by a human astrologer. Astrology answers a number of other questions.

People frequently work towards finding remedies for affliction brought on by Lord Shani. The best thing about astrology is there are so many methods to interpret it. The debut of horoscopes was an important breakthrough in the area of astrology. Astrological references can likewise be utilized to classify people generally. As there are also specific ages, or prolonged time periods, which are connected with specific zodiac signs, you are able to even summarize entire centuries and the kind of events that will definitely occur within them through the usage of astrology also. The other component in your astrology chart to check at is in case you have a strong Uranus. There are a number of astrological things that need to be considered. Astrological readings can also suggest whether you may enjoy smooth success in your work or company ventures.

Effectiveness of Astrology

want to know the real meaning of astrology

The cancer personality is normally cautious and careful with the majority of things in everyday living. The conscious portion of your personality would like to balance the info and decide what it just and fair dependent on the information you’re given. The Scorpio personality is not going to permit imposition. Personality trait is one area of astrology which never fails.. Moon in Gemini produces a restless disposition together with emotions that are continuously changing. As you find your specific moon sign you will observe the way the moon has an immediate influence on sunlight sign personality. The New Moon, nevertheless, is the ideal time to have an operation.

The area of astrology is huge with all these possibilities. Modern astrology was designed around centuries back, when human understanding of the Universe was limited. It turns into a fascinating science because of this attribute of astrology. Finding out how to heal with astrology might provide long-term benefits for increased function in all facets of day-to-day living. Prior knowledge of astrology isn’t needed. In every portion of the Earth, individuals show faith in various kinds of future reading methods. Please feel free to contact us for any queries related to astrology. This is the ultimate means of gaining happiness and prosperity on your lives.


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